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    Dynamic Link not keeping Premiere effects intact



      So I have a sequence in Premiere. I have gone through and used fast  color corrector on most of the clips for little tweaks to get the white  balance in line with eachother, and adjust the luma a bit so they all  look the same.

      Now I want to do some more heavy hitting in AE. So I dynamic link by  choosing the clip I want to work with and do a "replace with After  Effects Composition". All is well. EXCEPT.

      In AE, I have now lost my Fast color corrector and my clip is back to  original. Obviously I can re-correct in AE. But I just spent the time to  get clips to match and look even, and I like doing the first correction in Premiere since I have all the clips back to back and can make comparisons.

      What am I doing wrong?