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    Fullscreen in FLVplayback component broken

    Eric Bintner

      Not sure why I'm the first person to ask this:

      Is the fullscreen button in the all the skins of the FLVplayback component broken in Flash CS4 10.0.2 and all web Flash Player plug-ins?


      It's really easy to replicate:


      Make a new Flash AS3 file.

      Import a flv Video

      use a skin with a "fullscreen" button

      Publish it and view the .swf in the default flash player in Flash CS4 and/or upload it (and all dependent files) to a server and link to it in a browser.


      = Fullscreen does not work in Flash CS4 or in any web browser on any platform that I have access to.

      (tested in: Mac Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Win Firefox - All are up to date versions of Flash Player.)


      I understand that the html file generated by Flash in HTML preview includes the necessary JS to make the swf go full screen.


      It DOES do fullscreen when opened the standalone Flash Player 10, but fails to work on anything else as far as I can tell.


      Here is a .swf file with ONLY a flv playback component in it. It was built in Flash 10.0.2 -- I can't get it to be full screen unless I open it in standalone Flash Player 10. Likewise the .html file generated by flash does not do full screen at all in any browser that I can find.