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    Does capturing DV (or HDV) via Firewire a recompression?


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      I am sorry if this was already asked. I did not find a thread...


      If I capture with Premiere a DV tape or a HDV tape via firewire – will it internally “recompressed”? Or is it more a transfer of the data from tape to disk without using a decoder and the data itself is lossless transferred (I do not mean, that DV is lossless - just the transfer from tape to disk)?


      In other words: If I have captured the tape do I have the same data inside premiere (hard drive), as on the tape?


      I'll guess it is just a transfer without decoding and “recoding”.

      If so, the next question would be: Does a new compression occur, if I only use hard cuts? Of course if I change the informations inside a frame (e.g. wipe, color correction, etc.) Premiere has to decode the part and then compress it again. But if there are only hard cuts?


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