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    date question




      Basically I have a datagrid in a flex application connecting to a mysql database and I want to store only the future and current dates in this datagrid, at the moment I seem to be getting the correct year to display, so only dates from 2011 display but the month or day of the month don't seem to be working as well.


      I have tried to match the mysql format which is YYYY-MM-DD but to no prevail.


      Here is the code I have whipped up so far...


      public var dateNew:Date=new Date();


      var stringDate = String(dateNew.fullYear+"-"+(dateNew.month+1)+"-"+dateNew.date);- I have tried to match the date format stored in the mysql database, so that I could compare the two dates and then display only the current and future dates.


      if(item.date(date displayed in datagrid)>= stringDate) {
                      return true;
                      return false;


      Can anyone tell me how to only display the current or future dates? If anyone could be assistance, it would be a great help.



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          Pablo Souza

          Hi there!


          Take a look at the code below, I believe it can help you comparing the database's date with current date.

          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
          <s:Application xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"
             protected function button1_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
              var currentDate:Date = new Date();
              var selectedDate:Number = Date.parse(date.text);
              if(currentDate.valueOf() > selectedDate.valueOf())
               result.text = "you dont wanna show this date";
               result.text = "you wanna show this date";


            <s:VerticalLayout verticalAlign="middle" horizontalAlign="center"/>

          <s:Label text="YYYY/MM/DD"/>
          <s:TextInput id="date" text="2011/02/01"/>
          <s:Button label="Compare with current date" click="button1_clickHandler(event)" />
          <s:Label id="result" />





          Hope it helps you!



          Best regards,

          Pablo Souza


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            fldev11 Level 1

            Thanks for this will try later.