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    Spark List with TileLayout issues


      Hi all,


      I looking to find the solution to this weird issue I am seeing. I have a list with a TileLayout using a custom itemrenderer. The itemrenderer has autoDrawBackground="true" and the list has useVirtualLayout="false".


      The issue is that my dataprovider updates on a frequent basis making the list flicker, and even worse when the user is scolling.


      Using useVirtualLayout="false" did help, but I do see the list items redraw every time the dataprovider refreshes... This does not happen using the Flex 3 TileList...


      Another explanation of what is happening would be that random items in the list disappear and re-appear one by one, or rows at a time, which produces flickering effect.


      Is there a way to stop this visual refresh? or has any one seen this before?


      Thank-you in advance