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    Editable Pop-Up Menu ?

    Pharther Phurther Level 1

      One member posted it can't be done.


      There must be a file somewhere that provides the list in the Pop-Up menu.


      For years I have used the Control Pop-Up menus for many many tasks .. Mac OS 9 & X.


      My unfortunate bug for the last three weeks was a System Preference Pane called FinderPop .. which caused untold problems when I was setting up CS5.


      Now that I can't use it .. Does anyone know how to edit the Pop-Up menu?


      I looked in the package contents .. and found nothing ( Mac OS X )


      The keyboards shortcuts are a nice feature .. how about add to Pop-Up when available?


      Actually .. "Edit Pop-Up" would be better .. since there are a few items I would not use in it.



      I don't know too much about other users .. but for me ... everything revolves around the " Render Entire Work Area " and the choice between adding effects in PP or AE.


      It seems that since you MUST highlight the clip first to allow the "Render Entire Work Area" Menu Item to be available .. then why not allow the workflow to be streamlined by adding it to the Pop-Up menu? .. instead of unnecessary commands ...


      For instance ... Why does the Pop-Up menu list "Ripple Delete" when there is no Ripple edit present? It only deletes the clip .. just as "Clear" does before it.