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    Presenter 7 Runtime Error


      One of my users is getting a continual Runtime Error 2147467259 (80004005) when attempting to use Presenter 7.0.5 with PowerPoint 2007 under Windows 7 (with all the latest critical patches). Uninstalling Presenter (and Acrobat Pro Extended) completely and reinstalling does not fix the problem. The same presentation opens on a Windows XP system with PowerPoint 2007 and Presenter 7.05 without problems.


      Similar problems posted in the forums and elsewhere seem to have no solid resolution.


      Anyone have a fix, or at least suggestions?


      EDIT: Additional information: we completely removed Acrobat Pro 9 Extended and Presenter and installed Acrobat X and Presenter and it does exactly the same thing. Is Presenter just not compatible with Windows 7?

      Thanks in advance.

      Dave Sawyer

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          I am having the same issue today - just out of the blue!  Did you receive any responses about your issue?

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            FatFreddysCat Level 1

            None whatsoever. Either very few people are having this issue or many people are but no one has any idea how to fix it. We've basically concluded that Presenter 7 just isn't properly compatible with Windows 7 and are instructing our users who depend on Presenter to downgrade to Windows XP or look for another solution other than Presenter.

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              kristenmzk Level 1

              I have this issue off and on.  Sometimes it just goes away, and sometimes it doesn't.  It prevents me from publishing or using any other Presenter functionality.  I have a hard time believing that no one else has this problem!  Thanks for responding.

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                I don't have this issue, so far, and am running Win 7 64-bit with Office 2007.



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                  Heyward Drummond Level 3

                  I have not had any problem running Presenter on Windows 7.  I see you tried reinstalling Acrobat and Presenter but did you try uninstalling Powerpoint and then reinstalling? I suspect one of the Microsoft plug-in libraries is corrupt and causing the problem. I've seen problems like this corrected by re-installing Powerpoint.


                  Reminder: Adobe Presenter can only be installed with Powerpoint 2010 32-bit only.  It can be installed in Windows 7 64 bit or 32 bit. Remember....32 bit office only.

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                    FatFreddysCat Level 1

                    These are all 32-bit systems, and with one it was on an new installation of Office. But that doesn't mean that reinstalling PowerPoint might not help. We'll give that a try and see if it cures the problem.



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                      I have gotten this error too - running Windows 7, Office 2010 (all installed by my IT department, I have no access to those installers).  New install of Presenter 7.07 after uninstalling previous versions.  Still happening.


                      Try this, as it SEEMS to have worked for me:


                      File > Options > Trust Center > ActiveX Settings


                      Select "Enable all controls without restrictions and without prompting..."


                      12-2-2011 2-14-31 PM.png

                      So far, working for me... I'll try to come back to this thread and update you if that changes...