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    Crash <D_MCp_SetupExporterModule> ... and Performance issues

    craulmedia Level 1

      currently working at another companys machine with follwing setup


      RAM: 6144MB
      Machine: i386
      Model: MacPro3,1

      Mac OS 10.5.8
      CPU * Core count: 8
      CPU Frequency: 2800MHz
      Bus Frequency: 1600MHz
      Open GL Renderer: ATI Radeon HD 3870 OpenGL Engine
      Open GL Version: 2.0 ATI-1.5.48

      CS5 Prod. Premium


      Everythig seem fine, the IT-Dep. provided following updates on my request cause to several known bugs in previeous versions in conjunction with 3rd party drivers & other issues.


      Ae CS5 Latest Update (10.0.1)

      Latest Wacom Drivers (6.1.6-4)

      Latest AjA Kona Drivers (LHe_8.1.1)

      Latest AjA Adobe Mac Pugins (8.5.0)


      it's not my personal machine and i don't have internet access on that particular machine so i try to provide as much information as i have written down or copy pasted from crash alerts.


      Here we go.


      - First:


      this is a known issue on opening Projects.

      Picture 1.png

      Related to following Thread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3194179#3194179



      - Second


      Performance: Scrubbing is very hard in the timeline, RAM Preview is VERY Slow. Just tested it with a single Solid in the timeline, nothing else in there!!???
      MP is set to OFF. OpenGL is set to OFF.


      RAM-Preview > Info Panel

      Picture 2.png

      Picture 3.png

      Picture 4.png




      Ae Crashes when exiting the Application. No UIScripts were open. No such of a complex Project. Fonts have been Checked.

      Picture 6.png



      And finally the OS Crash Report Window.

      Picture 5.png


      I told the IT-Dep. to install one of the older Ae versions (CS 3) so that i can be productive in some way and get my job done.

      Ae CS3 is running smoothly now but i don't get the idea whats wrong with CS5 anyway???

      The guys from the IT-Dep. said that they handle the machines and installations like raw eggs and they were baffled after we installed CS3 and how smoothly it was running.


      So dear Adobe, what to do now?


      Please don't tell me switching to a PC or installing Nvida Cards, please, just don't, because my nerves are already eaten up.