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    HTML Canvas security error in AIR

    Tibor Szasz



      I run out of ideas: my problem is that I have to download an image from a server in my application an then invert it and I want to do it with JavaScript.


      First I download the image (because using a web URL wouldn't work, just like in regular borwsers) to the applicationStorage directory, then I display it in an IMG tag, then an image manipulation library (Pixastic) is loaded. I get the same exception: SECURITY_ERR: DOM Exception 18, like if I used the original URL.


      var file = air.File.applicationStorageDirectory; 
      file = file.resolvePath("test.jpg");
      var fileStream = new air.FileStream(); 
      fileStream.open(file, air.FileMode.WRITE);
      var request = new air.URLRequest("http://blogs.adobe.com/bobddv/images/waveform.jpg"); 
      var loader = new air.URLLoader();
      loader.dataFormat = air.URLLoaderDataFormat.BINARY;
      loader.addEventListener(air.Event.COMPLETE, completeHandler);  
      function completeHandler( event )
           $('test').innerHTML = 'Ready: ' + file.url;
           bytes = event.target.data;
           fileStream.writeBytes(bytes, 0, bytes.length);
            *      Do effect on image
           var img = new Image();
           img.onload = function() {
                Pixastic.process(img, "invert", { invertAlpha:true });
           img.src = 'app-storage:/test.jpg';

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Hi Tibor,

          I suspect this is probably as designed, but I've forwarded this post along to our Webkit/Javascript team for their review.




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            Tibor Szasz Level 1



            I'm experimenting right now with displaying the downloaded image data in a Data URI, it seems to be the only way to load external image onto HTML Canvas.



            It works finally!

            I used the as3base64 library to convert the image data into base64 string:


            img.src = 'data:image/png;base64,' + runtime.com.dynamicflash.util.Base64.encodeByteArray( bytes );


            Altough I assume too that the "dom expection: 18" is occuring intentionally, loading an image shouldn't be this hard. It wasn't even possible in Air 2.0, since it didn't supported Data URI format.


            It may come handy in cases like this to give a resource in a non-application sandbox an application sandbox right, like I can do it with the Sandbox bridge.




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              chris.campbell Adobe Employee

              Hi Tibor,

              Thanks for following up with the solution that worked for you!



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                Tibor Szasz Level 1

                Hello Chris,


                  Well, my solution is broken in AIR3. I really don't understand why Adobe did "fix" this. How should I load an external image to a html canvas?


                Please suggest me something.


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                  Tibor Szasz Level 1

                  Nevermind, got it working again.

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                    Hi Tibor,


                    I'm facing the exact same problem, could you please tell me how yot it working?




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                      nrako Level 1

                      Are you able to use canvas.toDataURL() method to retrieve the base64 code when there is base64 images used to render the canvas? I'm able to render the canvas within base64 image but then I can't retrieve the base64 data of the canvas itself with the toDataURL() method, instead it throw the same exception dom security error 18...


                      It seems like a bug for me, but I dont knows whose fault it is? img base64 data can be rendered but then the canvas can't anymore return base64 data? not very logical

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                        Alma M.

                        After spending hours fighting this problem, I finally wrote a simple app to test the security allowances of the Canvas element in AIR. It appears that you cannot use getImageData() or toDataURL() (because both are a method to get the pixel data out of a canvas) if the canvas has something drawn on it from anywhere but the ApplicationStorage directory. The ApplicationStorageDirectory and base64 encoded images both cause the same security error.


                        This is extremely frustrating as the ApplicationStorage directory is read-only to the application itself. In my case I have a little camera utility that will take pictures with my webcam, and I want to apply some filters and effects to a Canvas element that has some of these photos drawn to it. In order to accomplish this, I currently have the webcam utility (which is run via the NativeProcess class) saving files to the ApplicationStorage directory so I can manipulate them afterward. This is less than ideal because the ApplicationStorage directory is not meant to be the dumping ground for files created or maintained while the app is running (hence it being read-only).


                        So please, please, please, pass this along so someone who might be able to help adjust the Webkit implementation of the Canvas element to allow either base64 encoded data or images stored in the ApplicationStorageDirectory to be drawn to and manipulated (including getImageData() and toDataURL()) on a canvas.



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                          chris.campbell Adobe Employee


                          Would you mind putting that info into a new bug/feature request over at bugbase.adobe.com?  If so, please post back with the URL so that others that encounter the same limitation can vote for your report.  Getting enough people to show interest will give this the best shot at being addressed.




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                            Alma M. Level 1

                            Thanks Chris.


                            See my bug report:



                            Please vote it up if you would like to see this fixed.

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                              Tibor Szasz Level 1


                              I simply did the following:


                              var loader = new air.Loader();


                              ...in the callback function:

                              var bitmapData = loader.content.bitmapData;

                              bitmapData.getPixels( bitmapData.rect );


                              And then iterated through the pixels. The downside of this is that this method is really slow if you work with large images. By large I mean 800x600. I was lucky because I only needed to manipulate a small image on the canvas element.

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                                I'm trying to get this to work too. Would you be able to provide the complete code that you were able to get to work? Thanks..