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    How to open PDF URL with highlighting search term ?




      I am trying to open a PDF URL in a browser and would like the PDF to open at the page coataining the first hit of a specific term and at the same time highlighting all occurences found in the document.

      Apparently one way to do it is to add this #search=termsearched to the URL such as in http://thePdfUrl#search=termsearched


      However this seems to work in some cases but not all the time. Kind of issues I am seeing are:


      1 - Once you open the PDF the search string does not get highlighted in  some cases and the left nave (search window) does not come in focus as a  default view.)

      2 - Another issues identified  it is striping the 1st and last chars from the keyword.

      3- Initial search doesn't seem to always work...Only if you open the pdf a second time the find funcionality seems to work as expected.


      Is there a better way to do this and to avoid these inconsistencies and have a more robust behaviour ?