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    3D Extruded Object in Illustrator to AE for animation

    lbsimpson Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm attempting to create a 3D extruded object in AI and import into AE for inclusion in an animation.  I'm fairly new to the software suite and perhaps am ignorant of its capabilities still.  I have sucessfully created the extruded object in AI, basically it's a badge logo.  I imported the AI file as an asset into my AE project.  I drop the AI file into the timeline, enable 3D for hte layer, and attempt ot spin the logo.  The logo only appears 3D or to have depth to one angle rather than the entire object itself.


      Here's where the potential ignorance comes in: is what I'm attempting to do even possible?  Or does a true 3D object require another piece of software?  Or is there some way to extrude an object inside After Effects?


      Thanks for the input,