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    XML Export Bug - Any workarounds?

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      Before we go any further, I am running 5.0.3 and I HAVE created a bug report, but since I'm not expecting a new release (bug fix) in the next couple of days/weeks I was hoping the community here might have a workaround or know if there is something I am doing to cause this.


      I'm creating a new project with DSLR 1080p/25 settings.   I've also tried other 1080p/25 settings and it makes no difference.


      I import lots of DSLR 1080p/25 footage (from Canon DSLRs) and several audio only files from a Zoom, recorded at 48Khz.  All footage shows in the project correctly (1080p/25) and the footage shows at 48Khz.  So far so good.


      Drop the footage and audio on to a sequence and export to XML and send to PluralEyes. 


      Now, I've been using PluralEyes with FCP for a while and it's an excellent product - I really can't recommend it enough, and their tech support is also 1st class.  So, with this in mind, it was rather odd that the version for Premiere Pro wasn't syncing as well as the FCP version.  Following a few emails back and forth with Singular Software (PluralEyes) it turns out that some of the files (the audio files) are being exported to the XML file incorrectly.  They are being exported with a rate of 29.97 and not 25.  Not only is the frame rate incorrect, but the duration is set to match 29.97 and not 25.


      Here are some extracts from the XML:


      PPro Exported as :








      Should have been:






      I am wondering if there is anything I could have done to cause this, maybe in the way I imported files or created projects / sequences etc, or if anyone knows of any work around to force PP to correctly interpret these files?