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    Convert grouped images to jpegs

    SteveC100 Level 1

      I'm publishing a software manual created as a book in ID. It contains hundreds of screen shots, all of which have callouts consisting of ID text and arrows. Each image is grouped and then inserted inline in the text flow.


      I'm now trying to export this book to the epub format for sale as an ebook. The problem is that the grouped images get separated into text and screenshot, completely destroying the original intent. The only way I can see to get around this is to export each group as a jpeg and the re-place the jpeg in the exact spot where the group was. There are 500 such images so the process isn't going to be fun.


      I was hoping there might be a script that would help. Select the group and invoke the script to export to jpeg, name the file, then place it where the group was.


      (The alternative is to publish the book as a pdf. But it seems like this is not recommended. I'm not sure why.)


      I'd be much oblidged to anyone who has any suggestions about any of this.


      Many thanks in advance,