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    Non-functioning rich symbols after copying

      We are shifting to Fireworks CS3 for prototyping at my company, and I had the first license to test it out. I spent *hours* creating custom rich symbols for internal use on our projects, and now that the other designers are starting to use FW CS3 I simply copied all of the rich symbols from my common library to theirs.

      All of the symbols show up in the common library, even the preview, but none of the symbols appear on the page when dragged and dropped from the common library. Nothing shows up on a page, layer, frame, or even in the Assets > LIbrary pane. It appears that I am dragging the symbol onto the page (the appropriately sized border appears on drag, but when I release the mouse button it vanishes and no rich symbol is placed on the page.)

      Is anyone else having this problem copying rich symbols from one FW CS3 installation to another? I really hope we do not need to re-create all of the rich symbols every time we install a new FW CS3 license...