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    "Media Pending" everytime I re-open a project


      I'm using a DataVideo HDR-50 (http://www.datavideo.us/products/players-recorders/hdr-50-rackmounted-sd-hd-sdi-hard-drive -video-recorder.html) to record our city council & planning board meetings.  This recorder saves the video with the m2t extension.  When I import these files into CS5, I get the indexing & conforming progress bar as normal.  Once this is complete, I work on my project.  The problem is everytime I close Premiere, and then later go back to work on the project, I have to wait 20+ mins before the footage is available.  All the info is missing from the timeline (bars are there, but no images or sound info), and I get the Media Pending image in the preview window.  When I record footage with either of my 2 HD cameras, I don't have this issue (inital import, then I can close a project, re-open and begin work immediately).  Why is Premiere doing this?

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          Matt Petersen Level 3

          I had a similar problem with my Citidisk CFR unit which makes the same format.


          First question, where are you keeping your cache files? In one location, or using the "with project" option?


          While not 100% sure, I suspect some of the difficulty lies around the fact that many files are created with exactly the same name (as the Citidisk uses a fairly simple numbering system) causing some problem in the cache database.


          If not already, try changing the location of cache files to "same as project" and see if that makes any improvement?



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Are you Copying the Assets over to the internal HDD's, or is it all still residing on the external unit?


            Good luck,



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              ACCESS16TV Level 1

              I am using the "with Project" setting. The files created by the recorder are named:







              They are 2GB files


              I use the same settings for both my 2 HD cameras as I do this HD recorder.

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                ACCESS16TV Level 1

                Assets are copied off of the recorder HD via eSATA on to an internal hard drive.  I do the exact same thing with my HD cameras (one records to P2 cards, the other has an internal HD).

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                  Matt Petersen Level 3

                  For the sake of the experiment, can we try something? I still suspect a cache/cache database issue.


                  1) start a new project folder. In that folder (prior to creating the project) put 4 files from your recorder. Leave two of them as named, but rename the other to something fairly unique


                  2) Start a new project, import all 4 files, allow to conform, Save. Close.


                  3) Re-open. Did all 4 need to reconform? Or just two?



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                    ACCESS16TV Level 1

                    Ok,  here's what I tried:


                    1.  copied 4 files into a new folder:







                    2. Renamed 3 & 4 to xyz-1 & xyz-2


                    3. Created a new project, and sequence.


                    4. Imported the 4 files.


                    5. Closed Premiere & then reopened project.


                    Same problem.  Media Pending


                    It takes just about as long to re-open the files as it initially did to index & conform them.  You can see how frustrating that is.


                    The files created are MPEG2 AVCHD @ 1920 x 1080 29.97fps, 20 Mbps


                    The manual, in PDF format, can be viewed here: http://www.datavideo.us/files/HDR40_50Manual.pdf


                    Additional info:

                    Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 5.0.3

                    Installed on C drive

                    Projects folder on D drive

                    Scratch Disks "Same as Project" (D:\CS5 projects)

                    Sequence: AVCHD 1080p square pixel


                    Thanks for any help!





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                      ACCESS16TV Level 1

                      I should also mention that when I re-open the project, I don't see the index & conform progress bar notifications at the bottom of the screen;  just the media pending in the preview window, and the HD access light lit up on my PC.

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                        Matt Petersen Level 3

                        Ahhh, that last post has shed some light on the issue!  Are you by any chance using Mercury hardware-based acceleration?  I think what is going here is not conforming at all, I think it's just the parsing of these large files for real-time playback.   My understanding is that "conforming" is the creation of the cache files that premiere uses to display tracks in the timeline, which is why when you delete those files, conforming needs to happen again.  In this case however, conforming doesn't seem to be what's happening, just the "reading" of the files in Premiere.  If you have hardware acceleration turned ON, try turning off, conforming (automatic), rendering, saving, closing, re-opening. Any difference??  Matthew P

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                          ACCESS16TV Level 1

                          The PC Premiere is installed on had an ATI Radeon 5800 video card.  About a week ago, I upgraded the card to a PNY Quadro FX 5800.  However, this issue began before I installed the Quadro.  I just pulled off some footage (MTS format) from my JVC Everio GZ-HM1, and I can instantly begin work on it after closing & re-opening the project.  The problem is only with the Data Video recorder (M2T format).

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                            Matt Petersen Level 3

                            OK, so back to my question: Mercury Hardware Playback engine turned on, or not?


                            I've no doubt your other footage plays back just fine. I'm suggesting that the Datavideo footage might be of a different type, possibly that doesn't cache/read as well into Premiere.


                            As a test, you might want to have a look at each type of vision in G-Spot or Super, and compare Codecs and bitrate. Just because they have the same file extension doesn't mean they're the same type of video "inside".


                            Try putting both types of footage on the timeline of the same project, and see what colour the render line is in each case.



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                              We are having the same problem with datavideo files from the HDR 40 which are m2t files. They load in without any indication of activity other than the fact that the CPUs are cooking. After about 5minutes for a 30 min file the file appears in the asset window and can be moved to a sequence where it plays flawlessly. However, every time you close the project you start all over again re conforming the files.*

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                                cuprod Level 1

                                With the Datavideo recorder, the files are recorded FAT so they are short. Software from Datavideo combines the files as the are copied from the recorder hard drive to our fiber array. Then we import them to Premere CS5. We let the program select which codec to use when opening a sequence, but we have selected the AVCHD codec manually as well.  Also. If we place a different video codec file on the same sequence, it does not need to reconform on opening the project again.