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    Media Encoder CS4 out-performing CS4 on WMVs


      Ok, this particular issue has been driving me crazy. I have both CS4 and CS5 Production Premium on my machine (2 machines, actually). In testing them today, I imported an avi file captured on a Blackmagic card directly into Adobe Media Encoder CS5 and converted it to a wmv using a 350kbps preset I'd made. The video is 8:15 long, and took right about 16 minutes to encode.


      I then took the exact same file into Adobe Media Encoder CS4 and used the exact same encode preset and it took only 5 minutes to encode. How can CS4 be performing 3x faster than CS5? This only affects WMV encoding; any other filetype seems to be the same in either version.


      Anyone have any clues at all as to where to begin fixing this issue?