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    Advanced DataGrid sort arrow not seen



      I am providing a Hierarchial Data generated in my backend Java side to an AdvancedDataGrid as an Arraycollection.


      Before providing the data I am sorting the data and getting a length of arraycollection.


      My problem is that I donot see the sort arrow or sort order number in the header of the Advanced Data Grid. I am not using any item renderer for the header but only for the datacolums.


      While trying to resolve the issue I noticed that using sortExpertMode or sortItemRenderer I get null point runtime errors in Advanceddatagrid Flex files.


      I have another instance where I am using a groupCollection to create an Hierarchy in Flex side and I can see the sort arrows properly.




      What can be stopping the sort arrow or sort order to be displayed?


      The developers of AdvancedDataGrid may know about this more I guess.


      Thank you,