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    CS3 project in CS5: time drift

    Matt Petersen Level 3

      Late last year we converted to CS5 with great success.


      Now that I'm having to revise some earlier projects created in CS3, I've noticed an odd problem: the project opens successfully in CS5 (after CS5 gives you the dialgue box where you can change the name etc) and it looks fine to the eye.


      However, on playback, each edited clip is slightly "out". The clips have the same duration and have the same place in the timeline, it's just that the in/out points of the clips have "slid".


      Can anyone suggest what might be causing this, and how I can correct it?





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          Colin Brougham Level 6



          Check that time remapping keyframes didn't get added to the clips in your sequence. I'm actually dealing with this right now, though in my case, it's just replacing footage in a CS5 edit with different footage. I'm trying to collect some data points on this, because it's an annoying bug.


          Just swivel down the Time Remapping property for each clip, and deactivate the stopwatch for each; any luck?