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    Replacing One ( Photoshopped ) Frame in Timeline Edit? Dynamic Link?

    Pharther Phurther Level 1

      In the Program Monitor Window one can "Export Frame" as a single still.


      Here's where it should say "Export Frame to Photoshop". ...





      anyway .. once you navigate to the "still" .. , edit , and save it .. How can one replace it in the PP timeline?


      It is imported into the Project.


      If I double click it I can view it in the Source Monitor.


      I can cut the one frame out of the video clip, and set the timeline marker ready to "Insert ( , ) " into the timeline ... but the fuggin' thing keeps jumping to the end of the timeline no matter what I do.


      I just want to clean up one frame of video in Photoshop with this 'glorious' Dynamic Link feature ...




      If you have a time machine we could go back to 1959 and tell Grandpa to keep his nose hairs out of the camera film cause it's too hard to clean up the video with Adobe CS5.