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    Am I missing anything?  Big project starting...


      First, I am new to PP.  I have almost 20 years in music production and recording and 10 years with Pro Tools.  My video editing experience is limited to consumer oriented programs thus far.  I'm on the board of a non-profit and we are producing a documentary about an orphanage in Mexico that we work with.  I have a ton of raw footage that was shot on Panasonic HVX200s.  We also have a ton of old home videos of various quality and I am shooting additional footage with an AVCHD camera, with Brevis35 and a variety of 35mm lenses.  Needless to say, I have a lot of reading and a lot of learning to really take advantage of everything that CS5 Production Premium has to offer.


      My workstation consists of:


      Windows 7, 64-bit Professional

      Core i7 quad core, 3.35MHz

      Quadro 4000 video card

      12 gigs ram

      250 gig system drive

      250 gig spare drive

      2x 1tb media drives in a raid 0 configuration


      We received a Matrox MXO2 for capturing the standard material as well as use with a client monitor.  I am still trying to determine the best way to begin but is this system going to slow me down too much?  We are having a second PC workstation built for audio production so I could very easily upgrade the ram in this machine.


      I am dying to get started with some smaller mixed media test projects to see how well things will go.  All of the existing P2 was transferred to a 500 gig WD passport and the AVCHD will be transferred to HDD as well.  We have NeoScene from CineForm for converting the AVCHD to AVI as I was told that it would be easier to work with.


      In any case, I am no doubt going to be a presence on here while I discover everything I don't know, which will probably be a lot!  Input and comments welcome.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          You seem to have a pretty good computer system.


          Be sure to install the recent updates. They fix a lot of bugs.


          There are basics for learning Premiere Pro here.


          Feel free to come back with any specific questions.

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            ninteknohardcore Level 1

            If you are planning on getting your audio multitracks from Premiere Pro cs5 to Pro Tools be aware that as of right now OMF export does not work correctly and you'll have to come up with a workaround to get your multitracks out see this thread for more info.

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              Input and comments welcome.


              Well, you might not like mine.


              Music production and video production are two very different disciplines.  I'd recommend hiring en experienced crew, including producer, director and especially editor.  Looking over the shoulder of an experienced documentary editor will give you far more knowledge than would be appropriate for you to try and glean from a forum.  Especially where the artistry of editing is concerned.

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                ExactImage Level 3

                It's not going to make you an expert editor overnight, but take a look at a book called "In the blink of an eye" by Walter Murch.  While there is some out of date stuff in there (mainly the old editing machines) the basic concept of editing is all there. 


                Have fun!

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                  MissionBuilders Level 1

                  Well I guess I should clarify that this is a non-profit and the budget is actually less than nothing.  I am well aware that music and video production and editing are not one in the same.  If there were a budget to hire a large crew, it would certainly be done.  But I am also of the opinion, however misguided, that hands on, real world experience is always a great way to get to the meat of something.  I never went to music production school but I mastered Pro Tools by getting in there and using it and my experience goes beyond Pro Tools.  I plan the same with Adobe CS5 and all it's features.  We will have a crew, all volunteer, to assist in location sound recording, camera work, etc.


                  There is the technical, which I admit is a big challenge to learn.  But then there is the artistic side and the messsage that you want your art to bring, whether that is music or moving image.  In that respect, the two disciplines are quite similar.  However, I won't hesitate to dig in here and ask pertinent questions whenever I see that I am hitting a brick wall.


                  There is a wealth of information to be found and I plan to use all of it.  Thanks for the reply and if you know anyone who will work for free let me know ;-)  We'll have no problem using them LOL