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    Revert Screen Mode control to pre-CS5 behaviour




      Feature request to roll back a change in CS5.


      Under CS5 the Screen Mode control has become application wide, vs CS4 and earlier's document specific version. This is severely disrupting for dual screen systems.


      A normal workflow on a dual screen (Mac) system would be to open a primary document in full screen with menu bar mode on the secondary screen to get the maximum real estate with rulers (I'm running dual 24" screens), and then use the main monitor with all the palettes to open secondary documents (to drag out elements copy stuff, do intermediate work steps etc) in windowed mode.


      In CS5, if you set the first document (which is going to be your main piece) to Full Screen With Menu Bar, every other document you open overlays it in the same screen mode - completely negating the point of dual screens. This even happens when you choose New View for your existing document. How could that possibly make sense - the reason you'd use multiple views of a single document is precisely so you can see it in two windows (at different magnification) at the same time


      Worse still, if you then set the screen mode back to Windowed mode to get that first document off your main one, ALL the documents go into windowed mode, then you have to move the second document back onto the main screen, then reselect your main document, set the screen mode back to Full Screen With Menu Bar (another inconsistency - it's document specific amongst open documents when switching one to full screen), and then repeat the whole rigmarole again every single time you open another document.


      It is such an amazingly monstrous inefficiency for a change that seemingly provides no benefit.


      Unless I'm missing something, please fix it.



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          golgothaspace Level 1

          There are even more problems with this new CS5 window behaviour.


          If you have two windows overlaying each other in Full Screen mode (having opened a second window as per above), and you choose Window/Arrange/ "float in window", NOT "float All in windows"  menu item, the behaviour still floats all documents in windows.


          Why do both menu items have the same behaviour, and why isn't the obvious "float in window" only confined to the one document selected?