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    Help with a panel


      I have seen many tutorials where there is a panel at the bottom with "properties", "filters" and "parameters". But I don't have that panel. I have tried to change workspace but I can't get this panel. When I choose  (Window > Properties) I only get a properties panel on right side but It's not that panel I'm looking for.


      So how should I do to get this panel?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I believe this panel is on the side in newer versions of Flash instead of on the bottom, and I don't know if you can relocate it down to the bottom, but if you can, usually just dragging it down is how it would afix itself there if you drop it on a border.  In CS3 there is another level of selection provided where you can choose between Properties, Filters, and Parameters off of the Window -> Properties option.