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    How far in the Future will AS2 be supported?




      I've been developing Flash stuffs for almost a decade, i consider myself advanced in AS2 .. i am also very advanced in PHP..


      Throughout all my projects I've always used Flash, AS2, mySQL and PHP, and have made tons of applications , some mission critical, w/ that combo..


      When AS3 got introduced, i was excited, till i tried to learn it, and tried to develop under it. it's really not a BIG LEAP from AS2 to AS3, it's more of A COMPLETE CHANGE.. in the habits, in attaching code, etc.. While i tried to embraced that , and i really did.. for months.. i just can't seem to adjust to it in a practical/efficient way.. I do understand for large and scalable projects AS3 has a leading advantage.. but for small-med projects, AS3 just makes things more complicated than it as to be... and it takes me so much more time and effort to achieve the simple things i wana do.. even just the ESC+KEY shortcuts that made my coding RAPID (esc+st = stop() ) was a something i missed so much..  So I redide my project, and i simply went back to AS2 and still happy w/ it.. as long as I know the limitations, specially in performance, i'm ok.


      I continued to build lots of systems, from accounting to inventory using FLASH/AS2 interface and PHP MYSQL backened.. it's robust, secure, and all I need and to do I can achieve.. I never had any complaints (well except for some minor stuffs here and there the datagrid limitations but that's ok)


      Now i'm embarking on another project, w/c will require a long term support for.. as the software will be used for 3-4 years atleast and I will continue to upgrade its features and interface..


      that being said, as per my EXPERIENCE w/ these type of projects, I AM COMPLETELY CONFIDENT that EVERYTHING I NEED TO BUILD and MAINTAIN for the said software is all ACHIEVABLE/AVAILABLE w/ my current working environment, the AS2/PHP/MySQL .. but thing I'm uncertain of is ADOBE's FLASH PLAYER SUPPORT for AS2 specially since lots of the GUI of my software will be running on browsers to be cross compatible (Windows/Ubuntu desktops)



      So that is my question..

      I read the 2008 blog from ADobe



      [img]Backwards compatibility and future technologies


      If, after reading all of these benefits, you still don't want to learn ActionScript 3.0, then you can continue writing ActionScript 2.0 code to develop your projects. But as the Flash platform evolves, many of the cool new technologies will only be available in ActionScript 3.0. For example, technologies like Adobe Flex 3 and Adobe AIR require ActionScript 3.0, so if you want to work with those technologies, then working in an older version of ActionScript isn't much of an option.[/img]


      SO it says here that backwards compatibility will be maintained, and i dont care about the new features.. i have everything i need in AS2..

      BUT.. this is a 2008 article and I'm not sure if he meant the backwards compatibility to stay till say 2020? lol


      Anyone got insights on this?





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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Being user-to-user forums, with little to no participation by Adobe, no one here is likely to be able to provide a definitive answer.  Personally, I'd say that your only problem will arise if the Flash Player ever drops the capability to play AS2 and earlier files.  That wouldn't make sense to do since it already has that built into it and is probably a drop in piece that doesn't draw any effort to do anytime a new player is created.


          No one (reasonable) is going to fault you for sticking with what you're comfortable with personally... though not advancing with the times has a track record of leaving one behind the times, which can be read as a fault professionally by some (also reasonable).

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            BrownChiLD03 Level 1

            HI Ned


            well thanks for your inputs at least..


            well i know it wont be forever. but if i can be guaranteed support/compatibility till 2014 im ok coz by then i'd probably wana update the whole thing from scratch..


            but right now i just need to start developing it since i have very short deadline.



            i already made projections. with AS2 i can finish the whole thing in 2 months.. but w/ AS3 including all the blunders and WTF moments that i'll go through and learn , learn learn to do, im looking at at least 5months ..


            My plan is to do AS2 now, and learn the NEXT AS version after 3.. 3.2? 3.5? or even AS4? Because I somehow "feel" if i start mastering AS3 now, meaning go through that process of reading, studying, trial and error and getting used to, id' probably have to go through that process again soon in a year or 2, coz surely adobe is cooking up something new again.. i'd be lucky if it isnt a too drastic of a change like AS2 - AS3, but still there's that painful learning and getting comfy  curve we have to endure.. and with my lifestyle now, it's not as easy to sit down and learn things. im sooooo busy now running difference businesses also.. coz if it was back when I started im sure i can burry myself in AS3 for a month and i'd come out AWESOME.. but this time i dont have that luxury..I have few hours / WEEk to try and get comfy w/ AS3 and that's not much time.. and disruptions in daily life is gona make it harder to0 lolz



            ....well so i guess the answer here is NOONE KNOWS huh?

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Yep, but as I said, it would be very unlikely that the Flash Player will stop supporting AS2 content... there's a world of it already out there that needs to remain being supported into the future, not just you.

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                BrownChiLD03 Level 1

                hmm.. true that.. thanks for the words of confidence..


                if in 2 years adobe remove AS2 support , i will hold you responsible..



                hahhahaha just kidding




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                  tatiana1 Level 1

                  Hi, I'm curious about one thing. Is it possible that Adobe may come out with an AS2 to AS3 translator? I know the languages are very different, but who better than they knows the insides of the code style, so as to develop some sort of translator to help all us AS3 newbies master the language?

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                    Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I doubt they will do any more than they already have... provided a table in the help documentation identifying what AS2 elements became what in AS3.


                    I doubt such a tool would be a practical investment, and possibly would leave alot of holes where there would be no translation... some processing does not translate on a line for line basis and requires knowledgeable decisions and adjustments on a case by case basis.


                    Anyways, I don't see how a translator will help someone master AS3... it would seem such a tool would do the opposite... provide a crutch for those who don't want to take the time and effort to learn.

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                      BrownChiLD03 Level 1

                      I agree, i doub that there will be an AS2-AS3 converter tool... it's not impossible but it's extremely difficult to achieve proper translation.. it'll take a long time to develop such, and an even long time and lots of versions fix bugs..  by that time i myself would've made the complete change already to AS3 hahaha


                      But if one thinks abou it, if the player support, as well as the 3rd party tools continue to support AS2, it's not a problem.. i've seen so many freshly develop systems rolling out w/ outdated framework/language etc.. if it achieves the purpose then that's that..