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    An Unidentified Error CS4 MySQL5 Php

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      I see that this has been done to death, but hope springs eternal.


      I have a production database which I can happily access via Navicat. @ http://www.suntowermusic.com


      I can hand code php pages to my heart's content, upload them and access the dbs.


      However, whenever I try to do this through DW and it's 'Sites' I get the above error msg.


      I -think- I've done all the right things I found in various posts (removed connection scripts, made sure I have a trailing slash on site, etc., checked the version of php and mysql) and even hand coded the connection php to match what I usually use. The only suspect I have (so far) is that the db is accessed via port 3307, so my connection appends the :3307 to the server name.


      Any other ideas? Is there a magic trick involved?


      Sorry to sound flip, but this just seems so bush league. I've been googling the same frickin' error msgs on this going back 5-6 years. It should be a doddle, right? So what am I doing wrong?