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    Swf insert streaming video


      Per adobe connect instruction http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/402/kb402630.html


      I should be able to play the streaming flv video embedded in swf object.

      Followed exactly on the instrution and the swf streaming video didin't run in presenter after publish.




      I created swf in flash CS3 and i able to view the preview of the video but inserted in presenter as swf didn't run.


      Any advice? i have large video that i need to embedded into presenter slide.



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          Heyward Drummond Level 3

          Not sure why but it sounds like there might be something going wrong when you are creating the SWF.  There are a lot settings that need to be correct to Flash.


          You can easily just publish the SWF in Adobe Connect directly.  That is what I do.  I do not think it is best to embed a large video inside Powerpoint.  I think it is better from a presentation point of view to have your Presenter course but have the video shared as a separate pod in your room.  That way the two are independent.  It's more efficient as well since your Powerpoint doesn't become huge in size. You can publish SWF and FLV video natively using the share document pod.