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    Remote Shared Object - Data synchronization pattern wanted?

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      I'm building a multiuser app (Flex4, php, Zend Framework, Doctrine 2.0) that needs to automatically update each users data whenever it changes. Heard this one before?


      Now I've found out that Flash Media Integration Server will be available for me on this next project. Thats great because it supports Remote Shared Objects and thereby true PUSH/PULL Messaging. But how do I utilize this in the best way to handle the data updates? Anyone developed a solution that's well functioning and willing to share their solution?


      One way would be to store info about each added, updated, deleted record on the SO (Shared Object):

      entity, record_id, action (added, updated, deleted)

      Whenever the SO changes each instance of the application currently running are notified and can then process the changes and update the data accordingly.


      Would this work well, is there a better way?