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    The Application "app-name" has stopped unexpectedly-Force Stop

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      I tried a simple Flex Mobile Application using Flex 4 Burrito + AIR 2.5 + Android Emulator.

      Code is really simple just a hello World Application which displays HelloWorld in a Label,

      once I run this file in my bin-debug I get the swf and descriptor.xml file relavent file for my



      Then Use flex Release build I generate a certificate name.p12 file and then it generates a .apk

      file too, then I tried to package these  files (swf+apk+descriptor.xml) using the command line


      adt -package -target apk-emulator -storetype pkcs12 -keystore "certificatename"  "apkfile" "xmlfile" "swffile"


      I get success


      then I goto the the dir in which the apk is present and gave the following command in cmd


      adb install "filename.apk"


      after this on my emulator I get the file but if I launch the file I get the following error



      "The Application "app-name" has stopped unexpectedly-Force Stop"


      Can someone giveme a solution