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    No sound with .MPG (MPEG2 with AC3) in PRE9




      I have a Sony HDR-CX100 and I record in SD (for the moment).

      The files have extension .MPG and GSpot says that it is MPEG-2 with AC3 sound (Dolby Digital - 2 ch). Both codecs are installed.

      I can play the files with Windows Media Player and I can hear the sound and see the video, but when I import the files to PRE9 there is no sound (even when I double-click the file to preview it).

      I've read most of the posrt on this fourum regarding the AC3 sound but none of the really helped me.

      The system used is Windows 7 (32-bit).


      Do you have any idea what to do?


      Thanks and regards,


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Your camcorder shoots in AVCHD.


          When you started your Premiere Elements project, did you select the Settings for an AVCHD 1920x1080 stereo camcorder?


          Did you get the video off the camcorder by going to Premiere Elements' Get Media and selecting the AVCHD and Flip Camcorder option and then selecting the clips to download in the Video Importer?


          Also, have you ensured you have the latest version of Quicktime? Does any other audio you add to your timeline play?

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            Tomislav333 Level 1

            Hi Steve.


            My project is defined as "PAL > Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorders > Standard 48kHz".

            I've used this setting because the files are shot in SD and are MPEG-2 encoded and not AVCHD.

            I've copied the files from the memory card to my hard disk and then imported the files from there.

            I have the latest version of QuickTime and yes, I can hear the audio from the other video files (in preview and in timeline).


            What now?


            Thank you for your answer!

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Until you can get this sorted out, try to shoot some test footage in AVCHD and use the AVCHD setting and Get Media to get your footage off your camcorder over a USB connection. Just to see if it works.


              Also, have you tried any other audio -- like a WAV file -- to see if it plays on your timeline?

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                Tomislav333 Level 1

                Hi Steve.


                I've tried both AVCHD settings ("PAL > AVCHD > Full HD 1080i 25" and "PAL > AVCHD > HD 1080i 25") with HD files (.m2ts) from my camera, but there is still no sound.

                I don't think that the project settings are crucial for this problem.

                I must also mention that I can hear the sound when using Organizer with both SD (.mpg) and HD (.m2ts) files.


                And yes, as I menitioned above, I can hear the sound normally when I import other formats (WAV included).


                Any other idea?




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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Sorry, no. If you are doing what I've suggested and you've assured that Premiere Elements is properly configured  so that it does produce sound with some audio sources, then I know of no reason this should not work.


                  I'd recommend contacting Adobe Tech Support.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Let's rule out one possibility next.


                    When one Imports AV files, there is a process, that needs to complete 100% - Conforming. That process can be a multi-part operation, especially with MPEG Audio and/or Video, and includes Indexing. This ARTICLE explains it in more detail.


                    If the Conforming and Indexing do not complete, then there can be issues, like no Audio, or partial Audio. It is easy to not see the progress meter on the lower-right of the GUI, and begin editing too soon. If that happens, often the Conforming process just stops, or the program, or even the system, will shut down, or hang.


                    As a test, just create a New Project, with the same parameters, and Import one of the problem Assets into it. Observe the progress bar (blue, unless it has been changed), at the lower-right of the GUI. Wait until it completes 100%, and just to be safe, when it does, give it just a moment more. Test to see if everything now plays fine in that Project.


                    Also, is your AC3 Audio 2-channel, or 6-channel (DD 5.1 SS)? Many AVCHD cameras offer both.


                    Good luck,



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                      Tomislav333 Level 1

                      Hi Bill.


                      Unfortunately, it did not help.


                      The files are 2-channel audio.


                      GSpot reports this:




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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Sorry that it was just simply a Conforming issue - that would have been very simple.


                        Also, knowing that you have 2-channel (stereo) Audio streams makes picking the correct Preset easier.


                        Other than to say that AC3 Audio SHOULD work fine, I do not have any other ideas, but hopefully others will see what I am missing, and can help.


                        PrE has had full support for DD AC3 Audio, even longer than its "big brother," PrPro. Once, one had to go and find the AC3 .dll from Encore, and Copy it over to the PrPro root folder. As of CS4, that no longer worked, and it was not until about CS4.2, that the proper AC3 .dll was added. PrE had that for some time.


                        One other test, and sort of along the lines of what we have done already, would be to do a Save_As for your Project. Increment the name, or add something like "_test" to the end of the PREL's file name. Close that Save_As Project, and go into its Media Cache (in the Scratch Disks). Find the CFA and PEK files for those Clips (should be the same as the source AV file names, but with CFA {large files} and PEK {small files}), and Delete them. Then, Open that Save_As Project, and let PrE regenerate the CFA and PEK files all over again. In a few instances, when certain Media Cache files exist, Adobe programs, will choose the wrong ones to try and work with. Cleaning the Cache can clear this. Now, if you did create a new Project, and Imported just a problem AV file, and got no resolution there, this test is not necessary, as that New Project would not have had any possibly confusing CFA and PEK files in the Media Cache.


                        Just thinking and trying to come up with a solution.


                        One workaround would be to rip the AC3 Audio stream, say with Audacity, do a Save_As PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit, and then Import that WAV into the Project. Not an ideal workflow, and one that you should not have to go through, but it should get your Project finished, until someone comes up with the fix for the muxed AC3 Audio stream.


                        Good luck,



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                          Tomislav333 Level 1

                          Hi Bill.


                          As you said, this test is not necessary if I created a new Project (as I did).

                          One other thing I did not mention is that everything works fine in PRE3.

                          Thanks for the workaround but it's just a workaround and it would be much easier if everything would work as it should in PRE9.



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                            This discussion was helpful. I had problems with audio files playing only partially; maybe only 20-45 seconds of a 3+ minute audio track. I took the advice to open a new (blank) project, import the audio, and it worked. I can't help with the more technical aspects of this problem, but the work-around provided a solution.

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                              I used cracked version of PrPro CS5. I had similar problem. Although I don't be sure the reason in that. .)

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                Well, most cracked versions will never do what the real, fully-paid, legit versions will do. They will also often contain spyware, that will feed all of one's info to a server in Europe or Asia, so any personal info is likely in someone else's hand. Think of it as "a gift that keeps on giving," at least when it comes to your personal data. Also, the people, who sold you the pirated version, also probably have your credit card info.


                                A word to the wise: buy a legit version of ALL software. You will come out ahead.


                                Good luck, and I would immediately wipe the entire computer, perform a low-level format of all HDD's, reinstall only legit software and OS, and get new credit card accounts for every card that you have. About the best that you can hope for is that the pirates send you a postcard from their vacation that you paid for.