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    Adding more titles to pse premier 8

    Jim Prevatte

      I would like to know how to add more titles to PSE Premier 8 .  Where to find some free plug in for titles.


      Thanks Jim

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What do you mean by "titles"? Do you mean Title Templates?


          If so, you can get some by becoming a Plus subscriber to Photoshop.com.


          But there aren't many ready-made title templates out there that are specifically designed for Premiere Elements.


          What type of title are you trying to create? Chances are there's an easy way to create it in Premiere Elements.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I find the easiest way to do that is to either create what I want, and then Save as a PTRL (Title Template file), or to take an existing PRTL and modify it, to suit my needs, again doing a Save, to create another PTRL Template.


            Because the PRTL format is only used by PrE and PrPro, I doubt that there are many stores of stock PRTL's on the Internet, but could be wrong. I'd do a Search on "PTRL," "download," "free," etc., and see what you find. Could well be that some designer has created a bunch, and wishes to share them with others.


            Now, let's discuss Titles just a bit. As of PrPro 1.0 (about the time that PrE 1.0) came out, Adobe changed how Titles were created, and work in the program(s). Once, they were only created and saved outside of the program. One used a separate, but included program, Title-Deco, to create the Titles, and then Save them to the HDD. One then Imported those Titles into PrPro. As of PrPro 1.0, the old Title-Deco program was gone, its conventions were no more, and the Titler (a mini-app within PrPro/PrE) created the Titles, BUT only as XML instructions within the PRPROJ/PREL Project files. There were no separate files any longer. This was good, but also bad, in that there were no files any longer. Adobe added the ability to Save as a PRTL Template file, and included the capability to Open those in PrPro, or PrE. There are quite a few of these that ship and install with the programs. Just guessing, I'd say that one gets over 100. If you do not have a bunch, then it is very likely that you did not install the extra Functional Content, with many more Titles (PTRL's), Themes, Instant Movies and Menu Sets for DVD/BD.


            I find that for many of my Titles, I can create them in Photoshop, and Save_As a PSD. There is power in doing it that way, but one drawback - they are NOT in the PRTL format, so cannot be later edited in Titler. I can keep them in a Layered PSD format, and in PrPro (only) Import them as a Sequence, keeping my Layers separate, and allowing me to animate them individually. In PrE, one can only Flatten the Layers, and use the Title as a still image. If additional editing, etc. needs to be done, one has to go back to the original in PS, do the editing, re-Save, re-Import and then replace on the Timeline.


            Also, I find that Titler is a very good Title editing program. It offers a lot of tools, and when starting with one of the included PTRL Template files, allows one to customize to their heart's content. There are also graphics elements, that one can Import and place in the Title, and then just Save that as a new PTRL.


            Good luck,



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              Jim Prevatte Level 1

              Thanks for the info I will give it a tryJim