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    Why do the glossary tab and browse sequences of my CHM not show up outside of Robohelp?

    TWRob Level 1



      I have Robohelp 8.02.208 running on a 64-bit Windows 7 machine. It has only been a few weeks since I moved from XP, but I don't know if this is connected to my issue of having a grayed out glossary tab and no browse sequences listed in my generated CHM.


      I had encountered a very simialr issue a couple or year ago, and thus I have verified in the registry that HHActiveX.dll is registered and properly located on my machine. All seems fine for that, but there is different twist: when I generate the CHM from Roboehlp and then click "View Result" everything works wonderfully. The problem is that as soon as I close that CHM, the browse sequences and glossary disappear. That is, I generate abc.CHM to C:\folderA and although everything is in place when I click View Result in Robohelp, if I later go to C:\folderA and open the same file, it has a grayed out glossary tab and missing browse sequences. And, not surprisingly I guess, if I send the CHM to someone else they get the same glossary-&-broswe-sequence-free result.


      I have looked over many forum disucssions on grayed out glossary tabs and missing browse sequences, but nothing seems to explain my particular issue. It leaves me scratching my head quite a bit.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance :-)