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    setting mediaplayer.buffertime and NetStream.InvalidArg error


      A few days ago I discovered the feature to set a minimum buffertime to mediaplayer object. This is really fine, but now I get issues I never had before with osmf player.


      When seeking within the current buffer I get a "NetStream.InvalidArg" in the OSMF debug, but not in the netstream status eventhandler of the mediaelement. The strange thing is, that I checked canSeek() and it returned true. I'm also able to seek within the backbuffer area, but between currentTime and currentTime + bufferLength I get the netstream error.

      Before I had no buffertime defined, so about every search was outside the current buffer.

      I'm using OSMF player in connection to FMS 3.5 via rtmp. Does anybody know my problem?


      When the netstream error occurs the following actions get strange. The stream does strange jumps (for example to the end or 10 seconds ahead without interaction) while playing or the video stops and cannot be restarted until I restart my whole mediaplayer component.


      My current solution is to check if the seek will be within the buffer area and flush the mediaelement buffer by setting bufferTime to 0 and back to old value. So the seek is running well, but the formerly buffered data will be lost and has to be fetched again.


      Is there another solution for this problem?

      My current osmf version is rev. 1964.


      Thank you for your help.