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    Multitrack audio export - XDCAM mxf workflow

    L Santiago

      Hello friends,

      I decided to post this question in the forum only after making sure I was not going crazy.
      I'm working with an XDCAM
      .MXF workflow on workstations with CS5 and it became necessary to export the project, which has multiple channels of audio (currently 8), to a XDCAM HD 422 file, keeping each audio track in your original track, even project completion.
      I was shocked to find the settings for the premiere and see that it is not possible.
      I wonder how Adobe hopes to compete with other software, especially in the Broadcast market, with Premiere Pro?
      Another horrible finding: Conforming audio! In CS4, at least, using an Axio LE I could disable this process, which is not yet possible in the CS5.
      If anyone has a "light" in relation to the multiple audio track exporting and on the audio conforming, thank you.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          necessary to export the project to a XDCAM HD 422 file


          I don't have such an option, myself.  But wouldn't such typically be used as source, rather than as a deliverable?

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            L Santiago Level 1

            We have the option to exporto to XDCAM HD 422 through the MPEG2 MXF exporto option. I don't remember, but maybe because of the Matrox MXO2 installed I have this option.

            The problem is that I cant export the audio channels with the audio in the channels corresponding to the audio in the timeline. PP always mix down all audio channels to the channels 1 & 2. The 8 audio channels exists in the exported material, but only  channels 1 & 2 have audio, the other are blank.


            And I hate the Audio conforming, I think this is trash.

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              L Santiago Level 1

              Hello Jim,

              I understood what you meant. We really need to work with. MXF workflow due to XDCAM media (optical disc) because we are not specifically in this system, networked.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                OK, I found it.


                You're right, though.  It looks like you're limited to stereo output to the MXF.  Even if you exported audio separately, it looks like you're limited to 5.1.

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                  L Santiago Level 1

                  Yes ..
                  And I still do not believe that Adobe is not able to implement this.
                  To get an idea: We are part of the largest TV in the Northeast of Brazil, covering approximately 420 cities with our signal through five affiliated stations. We recently bought about 30 workstations, all with Adobe Premiere CS5. We are now studying other software such as Vegas and Edius as other more specific for use in our issues because of the problems we faced with Premiere.
                  It's really a shame because the software eh quite complete, especially in Suite Production Premium ...


                  Thanks Jim...

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    On a side note, do you guys actually broadcast 8 channels of audio?  To the best of my knowledge, all HD broadcasts are either stereo or 5.1.  (Which may explain those as the only options available from PP.)

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                      L Santiago Level 1



                      The 8 channels is in specific productions, but we nedd sometimes to export to the optical discs the 8 channels without submixing. For example, at TV Globo they need the audio from the Festival de Verão shows in separate channels...

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                        Roberio Oliveira

                        Still no answer for this old question?

                        So far it looks like impossible to export to XDCAM MXF with 5.1 audio. Actually, the the only way to export more than 2 channel (stereo) is using Minnetonka Surcode plug-in, but it is available only for MPEG2, MPEG2-DVD and MPEG2 Blu-Ray.

                        I am ashamed for Adobe. Why? Because the people in my company was expecting so much more from a software designed to edit for HD. But they don't even care to give us any answer. So many bugs that can only be fixed if you pay more, buying plug-ins, buying fixes in the form of a new version (CS5.5) or buying other entire solution. Not surprise if that last option is the less expensive.


                        Roberio G. de Oliveira

                        Department of Engineering
                        Rede Bahia de Televisão
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                          Hello friends


                          I also have the same problem.
                          My workflow usually includes original
                          XDCAM HD 422 video files .mxf with 8-channel 24-bit audio

                          (1-2 original stereo mix, 3-4 music & effects, 5-6 DolbyE 5.1 original mix, 7-8 DolbyE music & effects).

                          After working on this files with new audio material mixed in 5.1 , i need to encode the project to a new file. Mxf with the same characteristics

                          (1-2 stereo new mix, 3-4 original stereo mix, 5-6 DolbyE 5.1 new mix, 7-8 DolbyE 5.1 original mix) and send it to the customer.

                          With the 5.0.x version of Premiere there is the limitation of the Master 5.1 (only 6 channels of audio, not 8).


                          The only way I found to overcome the problem was to purchase FCP Studio and use it with Premiere
                          I export the video created with Premiere to FCP and then export the finished product in .mxf format with 8 channel of audio.

                          Too much time wasted...


                          Premiere 5.5 solves this problem?