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    Conditional Build tag for Online missing


      I am using Adobe RoboHelp 8. I am trying to apply the Online conditional build tag to some onscree tetx, but the Conditional Build Tags pod does not display an Online option. In the past, Online was an option, so clearly I did something stupid, but I do not know what.


      Any recommendations on how to recreate it?





      robohelp conditional tag.jpg

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          Mayank Agrawal Level 2

          The Online conditional build tag might have got accidently deleted from Conditional Build Tag pod. You can recreate it by clicking the New/Multiple option present in the menu shown in the attached screenshot attached in your post. Else, you can recreate it from the conditional build tag pod either through right click menu or by clicking "Create a conditional build tag" button at the top in the pod.

          I hope that resolves the issue.