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    Merge multiple pdf data files into Excel 2007 spreadsheet with 10 X Pro


      I have many forms that were filled by users with the data still live (not locked). Using Adobe Acrobat 8, there was no problem to use these interactive pdf forms to merge the data directly into an Excel 2007 spreadsheet. All the data would write onto the spreadsheet. I could even use a combination of xml and pdf files from the same form.

      However, since I upgraded to Acrobat 10 X pro, it no longer works. I have first to export each single pdf file to xml. This takes an enormous amount of time that I do not have. The only thing that downloads is the name of the file. None of the live data print to the spreadsheet.

      1. Why is this feature no longer working in 10 pro? 2. Is there another way to make this work as with Acrobat 8 or 9? 3. If not possible, is it possible to have both Acrobat version 9 and version 10 on the same computer? (I was told by our IT people that it is not possible).