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    RoboHelp Skins

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      I'm using the default skin to display my webhelp. I wondered if there's a quick way I can substitute the colour used for the skin along the top of the page, with a gradient colour image that I want to make?


      I've opened up the skin but it just looks like some kind of xml file...is there a way to do what I'm looking for quite quickly?



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          MergeThis Level 4

          Right click the skin (in the Project Set-up pod) and add the graphic in the Background Image field of the Skin Editor dialog. You might also add a Background Color, using whatever the darkest base color of your gradient will be (ours is Navy).


          As to size, our experiments prompted us to configure our jpg file to 1792 X 29 pixels. Compressing the image when viewed in a small browser window doesn't affect the gradient (ours is top-bottom, I don't know how a left-right gradient would appear).



          Good luck,


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            BinaryFinary2011 Level 1

            Fantastic!! Thank you very much!