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    CDNs and onFCSubscribe

    johnnicholas Level 1

      I am researching CDNs for live delivery and am really surprised at how little knowledge of OSMF there is. No one's live streaming seems to work out-of-the-box because of the lack of onFCSubscribe support. I'd appreciate any feedback on which CDNs work well with OSMF, either as is or due to plug-in support.

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          Bob Wohl Level 1

          Hi John,


          Limelight has a plugin that handles the FCSubscribes as well as other

          services. You would need to hit up the appropriate contact there for more





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            Will Law Level 1

            Akamai works fine out of the box with OSMF with live rtmp streams as the AkamaiBasicStreaming plugin is built in to the core code. An explicit onFCSubscribe is not required as it is made automatically for you by the server software. Here is an example using the standard Strobe player


            http://mediapm.edgesuite.net/will/temp/osmf/strobe/index.html?src=rtmp://cp34973.live.edge fcs.net/live/Flash_live_bm_500K@9319&streamType=live


            The audio/video are out-of-sync on this particular stream, but it’s the only public one I have and it's not the fault of strobe or akamai, just the encoder needs to be rebooted.


            If you are an Akamai customer, then you can also get the Akamai Advanced Streaming Plugin for OSMF, which adds token protection, secure delivery and player verification to your OSMF player.





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              johnnicholas Level 1



              Limelight is one of the CDNs I am testing with and while their plugin appears to fix VOD urls to work with OSMF I don't see any sign of FCSubscribe support for live streams. If you know more, especially if you have sample code I'd love to see it.




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                Bob Wohl Level 1

                Hi John,


                Here's a quick and easy live set up using the LimeLight plugin.


                // Create the streaming resource to play.

                //use your path and stream name.

                var resource:StreamingURLResource = new StreamingURLResource("rtmp://


                resource.urlIncludesFMSApplicationInstance = true

                resource.streamType = "live"

                var limelightMetadata:Metadata  = new Metadata();

                limelightMetadata.addValue("llnwStreamType", "liveStream");





                There is no FCSubscribe exposed since the plugin handles your subscribes and

                retries. The only real points of interest is where you pass the metadata and

                where you set the resource stream type. Let me know if this helps you out.