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    "Acrobat does not allow connection to" Security Block




      I hope you guys can help me with this problem.


      I have a PDF embedded in an HTML page using the <OBJECT></OBJECT> tags. The PDF has several buttons whose actions are Mouse Up/Open a File. These files are other PDF documents in the same folder as the PDF that is opened. When I click a button, I get a Security Block error message that says: "Acrobat does not allow connection to:" and then the full path to the file that I'm trying to load, "file:///G:/"etc. The dialog box does not let me use a relative path.


      I am using IE8 and Adobe Reader X but I know that this problem also occurs with Reader 8.


      I've tried changing the Open a File action to Open a Web Link and using a relative path to either an HTML page or a PDF and this doesn't work. Everything I try has been met with the "Acrobat does not allow connection to" error message.


      Please, any help you can provide will be appreciate.