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    BlazeDs giving issue in converting Array of Objects containing Array of Objects


      We are using BlazeDS: I am not able to retrive Array of Objects containing Array of Objects ..

      As given in example we have these value objects: We are getting peBaseVOs=null in result from array.
      If we sends the Object list from Java instead of List<PEBaseVO> then only we are able to recieve the objects.


      package com.guavus.rubix.bizreflex.vo {


      public class PEBaseVOWrapper{
          public var peBaseVOs:Array;//<PEBaseVO>
          public var name:String;
      package com.guavus.rubix.bizreflex.vo {


      public class PEBaseVO{
          public var PE_DEST_ID:String;
          public var PE_DEST_NAME:String;
          public var PE_SRC_ID:String;
          public var PE_SRC_NAME:String;
          public var TTS_B:Number;
          public var T_RATE:Number;


      Any one having clue about it, please help in same.