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    Problem in stubbing out Soap Web Service




      I have a problem stubbing out a SOAP web service in Flash Builder 4.  The problem is that not all the classes are created.  This happens when a base class is referenced by a method in the schema.  The classes that extends the base class do not get created.


      Here is an example: method doSomething returns a class called ResponseBase.  Even though MyResponse, which extends ResponseBase, is in a xsd which is referenced by the WSDL, MyResponse class is not created as value objects.


      Another example is: method doSomething takes a parameter called ParamClass.  ParamClass contains a property of type SomeClassBase.  MyClass which extends SomeClassBase is not created even though it is defined in an xsd.


      Does that sound like a limitation of the Flash Builder 4?  Is there another way to create the proxy classes from a web service?