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    Internal hypertext coloring


      I use LaTeX (mark-up for mathematical typesetting) to produce PDF files (among other things). Regarding a current project of mine...


      I am using LaTeX to produce a PDF file with internal hyperlinks (so, links to other pages in the same PDF file).  So, all the links were manufactured by my LaTeX engine.  What I really, really need is web-browser style color-switching of links that have been followed.  Currently my links are blue, and when followed I would love for them to switch to a different color (like the traditional purple for browsers).  I suppose this would require my Adobe reader to have some sort of memory of my history, and I can't see in any of the documentation that this is possible.  Is it?  Or, if this is known to be flat-out impossible I'd love to know that too so that I can change strategies.


      My info:


      TeX engine:  MiKTeX v 2.8

      TeX editor:  WinEdt 5.4

      PDF viewer:  Adobe Reader 9


      Thanks in advance.