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    8.0 hangs at Initializing User Interface


      My son has a fourteen minute movie project that was created in Premier Elements 3.0.  For some reason every time he goes to render the movie now he gets an error.  The only thing it will let him do is render it to DVD format.  The problem with this is that he'd like to post the movie on the web and we don't know how to get it to the web from the DVD format.


      The computer running 3.0 is Win XP 32 bit with 2GB of ram.  It cannot be upgraded further.  We assumed these issues were happening due to a low memory problem of some sort.


      To solve this problem about a year ago, we tried upgrading to a new version of 8.0 on a newer machine.  We haven't been able to get any of the movie projects to open in 8.0. They all hangs on a black screen with the message "Initializing User Interface."


      The new computer is Intel Quad Core CPU  Q6600@2.40GHz  4 GB of ram, 64 bit running Windows 7.

      Graphics cards are two Nvidia 9600 GT.  I currently have the SLI disabled.

      All of my drivers and software are up to date.


      Our version of 8.0 was updated to 8.1 or 8.01 not sure what it was... it is the only update available for 8.0.



      You can see other movies he created with 3.0 back when it was working properly here...






      We've tried calling in about this issue and have been incredibly frustrated with the lousy customer service.  The woman today told me that he would just have to recreate the movie in 8.0.   She claimed there is a way to convert it but she won't tell me unless I pay an hourly rate or buy the new 9.0 product.  The new project contains over 8000 pictures and represents a year of work.


      I'd like help with either of these problems.  Getting the 3.0 version to render or getting the 8.0 version to open the 3.0 project so that it could be rendered.



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          Although Adobe touts their PRE as being 'backwards compatible" in reality it doesn't really work. If you have projects created with an older version, then you should only do further editing in that same version.


          Multiple versions of PRE happily coexist, so install your 3.0.2 version (get the update from http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=3565) on your newer machine. If you have saved the v3 project out from the v8 product then recopy the project from your older machine to the newer - saving it from v8 will not work in v3.


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