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    organizing fonts


      i use a lot of fonts in the title maker and am wondering if there is a way to 'group' families of fonts together.

      for instance, adobe garamond might have 10 different variations but i can get the basic idea with just seeing the 'regular' variation.

      mulitply this by 1000 fonts and its is A LOT of fonts to scroll through.


      does anyone else feel my pain? do you have a solution?

      and this applies across the entire CS5 collection really, as its the same scroll scroll scroll story in PS and AE

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          shooternz Level 6

          Manage your fonts out  side of the applications.


          I use High-Logic Main Type.


          1000 fonts is far too many to have constantly loaded IMHO

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            I'm not aware of way way to do this in side of Adobe apps.

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              liquidmonkey1 Level 1

              ok, so i exaggerated a bit. i probably only have a few hundred fonts


              but its disappointing that adobe does not allow you to group similar names of fonts or whatever. i'm thinking that in the font drop down part that similar fonts would be grouped below the main name (which would have a little arrow, allowing you to expand or not that group). i think nearly everyone would find this useful since fonts such a helvetica and gillsans can have loads of different types.

              anyway, my rant is over.



              ended up using FONT EXPERT to put my fonts into folders and will choose using that program from now on.

              also tried suitcase fusion3 but it was not as easy or intuitive as font expert.



              what do the people here use to sort there fonts?

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                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I have my fonts all sorted on the harddrive. View them with a simple viewer: AMP font viewer.

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                  liquidmonkey1 Level 1

                  so everyone is happy organizing and viewing their fonts in an external application?


                  i would have thought the pros would have wanted at least some font organizing integration into the CS programs.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Because font management is at the system-level, like the other respondents, I use a font manager, and find that Extensis Suitcase does a great job for me. On the workstation, I have right at 20K fonts, though seldom have more than about 300 installed at a time. Extensis (like many other font managers) has the capability to group fonts in many ways. For instance, I can create groups by client, by Project, or by type, or family. I have one group for Titles, and when I start working with Titles, will just install that group. Same thing when doing page-layout, with decorative/headline fonts. Same with "handwriting" fonts, etc.


                    Good luck,




                    PS - the best font manager that I have ever used was the old FontMinder, but Adobe bought them, but then killed that project, keeping their ATM for a few more generations, before dropping that project too. One of the greatest features was a wonderful way to print out font examples to build a book. I still have my last one (as most of those old fonts are still around on the machine), and will refer to it for the examples, though I only had about 6K fonts back then. I was able to get about 20 fonts on a legal page, and even lay that out, to duplex (2-sided) print my "book." Most font managers now will let you print, but will want to do one page per font. For me, that would look like a set of Encyclopedia Britannica 

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      I just don't use enough fonts that I have to worry about it.  My projects use a variety of maybe 5 different fonts.