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    Fireworks 9 and Dreamweaver 8

    Lynda Moore

      I am using Dreamweaver 8 or CS2 and thought it might be helpful for me to use Fireworks along with it. Can the new Fireworks 9 work with Dreamweaver 8 (cs2)
      Should I look for Fireworks 8?
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          scan reg Level 1
          I'm still investigating things, too. I already have DW8 and FW8, and I'm finding that FW8 has some limitations with some larger .psd files. FW8 has this "not enough memory" issue that has me kinda wizzed. I'm thinking of spending the agonizing dough to get PhotoShop (which seems to also have an excellent image optimizing system for web images), but then again I'm not sure how well it coordinates with DW8 (if that's critical for you)

          I like FW, but for me the question of whether to go with FW or Photoshop is still open
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            There is no such a Dreamweaver CS2. Only between Dreamweaver 8, or current version: Dreamweaver CS3, yes, with a "CS3" at end.

            When you asked for looking for Fireworks 8, please note that the current version is NOW a Fireworks CS3.

            Good luck!
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              JoeDaSilva Level 4
              Any version of Fireworks will work with any html editing program, Dreamweaver or not. They operate independently of one another, as they should.