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    New Adobe for Mac User


      I began using Cool Edit before Adobe bought Syntrillium so I've been a customer for a while. I moved over to a Mac in 2006 and was dismayed to learn I had to run Parallels in order to use Audition. I've been bugging Jason each time I see him and he kept saying Audition for the Mac was coming. He told me the same last year at NAB and I'm here to say "three cheers!"


      I did not know Adobe for Mac Beta had been released until today and I've downloaded it. I still have Parallels but can't wait until I can drag it and Windows XP into the trash. That will make my IMac and my MacBook Pro faster and more efficient.


      Man, this is great.


      Oh, and thanks to Ron Day who was always willing to help!


      Bob Butler

      KCBS Radio