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    Building Flex GUI dynamically

    olegkon Level 1



      I am trying to build a GUI tool in Flex3

      which would create/read/modify configuration files for complex Java app,

      which are close to INI (stored in a database):



      param1 = value11

      param2 = value12




      param2 = value 21



      So I am planning to create a tabbed interface with tab1=Section1, tab2=Section2....

      And on each tab I need to build some user friendly forms with standard Flex widgets like:

      TextInput, CheckBoxes, List, RadioButtons, etc.

      It should also support some validations.


      The problem is that this GUI might change a lot between released of our Java app,

      so it is very desirable to make it highly configurable (lets say, defined in external XML or MXML file

      which we can modify without recompiling full Flex app).


      Is there any Flex tool or framework allowing to build GUI dynamically (from XML) ?


      Please advise.





      P.S.:  Degrafa seems to be a bit too complex for that, but I am not sure,

      haven't used it.