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    students can skip required questions


      I've created a powerpoint with several quizzes embedded throughout the tutorial. The idea is for students to click through the powerpoint slides, and after every 2-3 slides, they have to answer a question to continue. Each question is contained in its own Presenter quiz. I've created my own customized feedback slide after each question so I have each quiz set to not show scores after each 'quiz'.

      I want students to at least attempt to answer these questions before moving on, so each quiz is set to "Required." However, if you view a question, then go to a previous slide, and then return to the question, the 'next slide' button is enabled and the student can go to the next slide without attempting to answer the question.

      Any thoughts out there??


      Jay Buzhardt

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          CraigStevenson Level 1

          Hi Jay,


          I don't if your still struggling with this problem, but I've also came across this and found a solution after a little bit of playing with actionscript. What I did to solve the problem is create an empty flash animation with some actionscript that sets the next button to invisible. Then, import that flash file into the slide you want it on, and resize or hide the animation in some blank white space. Then, I re-enabled the next button on the following slide with the reverse actionscript.


          I don't believe I can upload my files to this post but if you have access to Flash, here is the code that should work for you.


          this.onEnterFrame = function ()


                    // use this code to turn off next button





                // use this to turn back on





                // turn off play button





          To use the code, simply delete the // to remove the comment.


          You'll want to publish flash in actionscript 2.0 and set the player to 6.0 for best results. It should work fine with any newer version. Hope this helps.