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    why am I getting InDesign error code 29446?



      I am using InDesign Server CS5 and on two file I keep getting error code #29446 when I try to use them.


      this is the script that I get error #29446:



      var strXMLFile = 'D:\\mssb\\incoming\\34695.xml';

      var strINDDFile = '\\\\\\MSSB\\templates\\RET010\\6256950-MSSB-RET010-BW-6 x9.indt';

      var strJPGFile = 'D:\\mssb\\outgoing\\34695.jpg';

      var strPDFFile = 'D:\\mssb\\outgoing\\34695.pdf';

      var myFile = new File(strINDDFile);

      var myDocument = app.open(myFile);

      var myXMLFile = new File(strXMLFile);

      var myXmlImport = myDocument.xmlImportPreferences;

      myXmlImport.importStyle = 1481469289;

      myXmlImport.ignoreUnmatchedIncoming = true;

      myXmlImport.importTextIntoTables = true;

      myXmlImport.removeUnmatchedExisting = true;


      myDocument.exportFile(ExportFormat.jpg, new File(strJPGFile));

      myDocument.exportFile(ExportFormat.pdfType, new File(strPDFFile));




      I have approximately 200 other InDesign documents that use this script and for the exception of two they all work. I can confirm that this file does exist, it is not being used by any other application (the only application that can access it and use it on that machine is InDesign Server) and the permissions are the same as all the other InDesign files that are on the box.


      What else could generate this error?



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          [Jongware]-9BC6tI Level 4

          Googling for that particular error number returns this --


          "Error Number: 29446
          Error String: Either the file does not exist, you do not have permission, or the file may be in use by another application"


          -- admittedly, that's from a CS2 thread, but it's fair to assume error numbers are not revised per version.


          It should be followed immediately by the JS line (number and text) that causes the error. Does the Server version provide this extra information? If not, try to run your script on a desktop version of ID, and you might see where the error exactly occurs.

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            phredbel Level 1

            Yeah the error string is the same that I am currently getting. I am using the Load Balance and Queue from adobe and I don't get a line number for this error, but based on previous google/adobe forum searches it seems most likely from the "var myDocument = app.open(myFile);" line. Again I have plenty of file using the script I posted above with no problem. Running this file from my desktop, which is a different machine, produces no errors. I've checked all the possible errors from the error string and they don't pan out. It's InDesign Server CS5 running on Windows Server 2008 R2.


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              Dirk Becker  Level 4

              The error number is for the internal C++ constant named "kFileDoesNotExistError".


              You should be able to single step even on InDesign Server using ExtendScript Toolkit.

              Even without, a bit of log file output should show you the exact problem statement.


              When you wrap it with try / catch, you may (or not) find more information in the exception object.

              Iterate over all properties using something like code below.

              Of course, $.writeln only makes sense with an attached ESTK debugger, otherwise you'll just waste CPU cycles.

              try {


              } catch( ex ) {

                for( n in ex ) { $.writeln(ex[n]); }



              Note that the problem might not be in the indd file - e.g. have you checked all image href attributes within the XML?


              For digging deeper:


              On a Mac I'd use dtrace or Instruments to watch file system calls for error codes.

              Windows should have similar tools, for example this one sounds promising (I never used it):




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                phredbel Level 1

                Ugh, I'm an idiot. Surprise! My path was wrong but just slightly so. I had been staring at this so long I didn't see it until now.

                Thanks for all your help guys.


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                  Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

                  Hi Guys,


                  I am wakening this post as a customer of mine has the same issue but with regular Indesign.Most the graphics come well but a few cause the 29446 error message.


                  @fw, can I ask what was the slight change you had that corrupted your import ?