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    Can you import one TOC from one project to another? (RH9)


      I have been working on a complicated project in RH9. (all work done in RH)


      I made all the modifications to the htm files that I needed.


      I went to rename the .htt file and upon entry, RH 9 CRASHED!


      When I reopened, my TOC was entirely GONE!


      Luckily, I made a backup of the entire directory a few hours ago.




      A.) Revert to backup and redo hours of work (not what I want to do).

      B.) Somehow import the TOC from the backup to the new project.


      I hope this is a dumb question and very easy to do. It is a VERY complex TOC (prints out to 11 pages) so I do not want to redo from scratch.


      I await all of your expert advice.


      Thank you so much!