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    Image dither comes and goes.

    andy jxm

      Hi I've just uploaded a video onto YouTube and there is a dither that comes and goes, I'm using a Kodak Zi8 in WVGA.  I downloaded the video straight into the project via "get media" in Elements and uploaded it to YouTube from elements. I saw a bit of dither while editing the clipbut I put that down to the poor resolution of the editing package.  I've only had the software two days so I'm still getting used to it.


      You can see the clip I've made if you search You Tube for "No19 Set" it shows a Tank Transmitter that I have.  I've made another video without this problem search for "white kites over our garden" this shows a rare bird of prey, I made this video before the No19set.


      I'm in the UK so I've selected PAL not NTSC or whatever you have in the States.


      Please don't judge me by the quality of the camerawork or editing, I just need to know what I'm doing wrong to get the dither.


      Thanking you in anticipation.