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    Special Character: Non-Blanking Space

    Catfish Tales Level 1
      OS: Win XP SP 2
      Product: RoboHelp HTML 6

      I wish to enter a non-blanking space into a topic. That is, I want to insert a space character between two words that keeps those two words together rather than allowing line wrap to leave the first word at the end of one line of text and the second word at the beginning of the next line of text. This is useful for keeping an area code in parenthesis and a phone number together.

      Solutions already tried and faild: [1] RoboHelp HTML menubar --> Insert --> Symbol (no symbol listed for non-blanking space), [2] RoboHelp HTML menubar --> Help (empty results when searching for non-blanking space), [3] keyboard shortcut from MS Word (doesn't work here), [4] search user forums (empty results when searching for non-blanking space), and [5] peruse Snippets at Peter Grainge's site (not there either).

      Is there a keyboard shortcut (or another method) for entering a non-blanking space in RoboHelp HTML?